Autumn is a season characterized not only by colourful foliage, but also by temperature drops, lack of light, and rainy weather. Related to this is autumn fatigue which affects most of us during this time. If you too feel devoid of energy and have a bad mood, prescribe enough sleep, physical activity, and diet rich in vitamins and minerals to yourself.

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Annabis Bio Oli Hemp from canadia

Hemp oil as a nutritional supplement is rich in vitamins, minerals, plant pigments, and phytosterols. Many of these substances are essential for maintaining health; human body can’t “produce” them itself, and is therefore fully dependent on receiving them from food. Hemp oil contains these substances in a natural, easily digestible form. The 100% cold pressed bio quality hemp oil is naturally THC-free. The oil is exceptional due to its composition and characteristic due to its scent, distinct green colour, as well as subtle flavour of nuts. The unique ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids corresponds to the natural needs of human organism. The oil is classified as one of the healthy fats which are essential for human health. It’s ideal in cold meals – salads, dressings, spreads, etc.–, as well as for seasoning hot meals, e.g. pasta, right before consumption.

Annabis Cannol Hemp Oil 30ml

Homemade hemp bath to combat stress. Hemp oil contains the Omega 3-6 essential unsaturated fatty acids, as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, phytosterols, phytin, and various other crucial minerals. To enjoy perfect relaxation, be it in the form of a massage or bath, use the Cannol hemp oil which is 99,4% hemp ingredients. The hemp oil will help you relax perfectly and regenerate. If you’re looking for a purely natural product to use for home massages or at your massage therapist’s, this is the ideal oil. Just a few drops a bath will awaken your senses and bring you a sense of relaxation.

We wish you much success in your fight against melancholy.