Hemp cosmetics together with Oak bark?

Hemp cosmetics together with Oak bark?

Oak Bark, Qercus Robur bark has been known and widely used for centuries. Oak bark contains numerous nutrients including vitamin B12, iron, and potassium. It also has a tannin content somewhere between 10 to 20 %. These tannins and the nutrients are believed to be responsible for the bark’s health benefits. The Native Americans were long aware of the beneficial properties of the bark. They used it for antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory purposes before settlers to North America picked up the mantle and learned how to use it. The bark is considered to be the most effective part of the tree.


As said before, Oak bark contains tannin and therefore has astringent properties because of its high levels. Astringents work by constricting or shrinking the body’s tissues on the inside and the outside. Natural astringents like oak bark have a variety of therapeutic benefits. They perform some useful external functions and can help limit skin complaints like burns, bruises, wrinkles, and eczema. Its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties are also excellent for the skin. Internally, they can help treat bleeding, varicose veins and reduce diarrhea.


The tannin content of the white oak bark is also responsible for its antiseptic properties which can help to prevent and treat both internal and external infections. The tannins bind with the proteins present in the tissues which help to stave off harmful pathogens and bacteria. White oak bark can also be used externally to protect against skin infections and to help treat a number of skin issues. It has been successfully used to treat poison ivy and to soothe the pain and inflammation from bee stings and bug bites. When applied to the skin, it may also help speed up the healing process from minor wounds, cuts, scrapes, and burns.

Balcann Oak tree bark OINTMENT vs Balcann Oak tree bark GEL

Balcann itself is a powerful ointment. When topped off with oak tree bark extract and in combination of hempseed oil and its benefits it is a very powerful ointment with stronger antiseptic properties.

Balcann Oak Tree Bark OINTMENT is CPK certified meaning that it is made from natural ingredients only and it is also suitable for the most sensitive skin. When applied it gradually releases its natural ingredients while creating a thin film on the skin.

Balcann Oak Tree Bark GEL is a lighter in form and less greasy for those, who like quick absorbing substances. It is also suitable for sensitive skin. You may put it in the fridge and use it as a cooling gel after sunbathing to calm down the skin.

BOTH are so gentle that they are suitable for children 0-3 years of age and on top of everything else: they are also vegan friendly.

Bottom line: Adding oak tree bark extract to an otherwise powerful Balcann ointment only adds another great feature to its unique strength and brings up a notch its diverse use.


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Age with grace – treat your skin with hemp oil

Age with grace – treat your skin with hemp oil

From the moment a person sees the light of the world, her/his skin begins to age. It is an inexorable process that cannot be stopped. The older we get, the more our skin loses its ability to regenerate. Less oxygen penetrates the skin cells, so the skin is less hydrated and loses its strength and elasticity. It is completely individual how fast the ravages of time will take place. But the good news is that we can mitigate the consequences. Just make sure you eat a balanced diet, do not go out without sun protection, and give your skin proper care.

Skin 30+ years old

At the thirties we should start thinking about our lifestyle and how we treat our skin. At this age, the skin begins to slowly produce less lipids and the protective fat film becomes thinner. Also, collagen production is slowing down and the first wrinkles see the light. It’s time to hydrate. Natural cream Cremcann Q10 will help you in this fight. High levels of coenzyme Q10 and unsaturated Omega 3-6 promote regeneration, prevent wrinkles, give the cells energy and protect the skin from free radicals. The Cremcann Q10 is full of nature, it contains 17 natural substances that will make your skin feel more natural.

Skin 40+

Around forty years of age you will find that your skin is slowly losing its elasticity and the ability to retain moisture. The cells are getting tired and receive nutrients at a slower pace. The skin is more demanding and requires more attention. At this age, you should start using Anti-Aging cosmetics. Treat yourself to a high-quality cream that charges the skin with a rich dose of hydration. Natural rejuvenating Cremcann Hyaluron Cream helps restore the volume of the skin and thus smooth out wrinkles. Cremcann Hyaluron contains a unique combination of 3 types of hyaluronic acid, one low molecular weight HA and two high molecular weight HA. Hyaluronic acid is characterized by the regenerative effect and stimulation of the formation of new skin cells. The result is the necessary hydration and improved elasticity, the firmness and smooth, youthful complexion.

How old is your skin?

Take the pinch test. Pinch the skin on the back of your hand with your thumb and forefinger and hold it for ten seconds. Let go and time how long it takes for the skin to flatten back out. Immediately, the biological age of the skin is about 20 years old. Within 2 seconds, then your biological age is about 30 years old. Three seconds point to 40 and four seconds to 50 years. At the age of 60, the skin will return to its original position for 5 seconds or more.



The fact that you can buy colloidal silver in the pharmacy is definitely very interesting. What is even more interesting is its versatile use for various skin ailments that make people worry. Colloidal silver has strong antibacterial and antiseptic effects. The Cremcann Silver natural cream with colloidal silver is ideal for topical acne care and cold sore care. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive type. It absorbs well, does not stick and provides quick relief. The Balcann oak tree bark gel is another great product containing colloidal silver. Colloidal silver as a beneficial effect on hemorrhoids, and its effects further accelerate the healing and regeneration of the affected skin. This will be appreciated even when applied on insect bites or sunburned skin.

What is colloidal silver and how does it work?

It is a dispersion (in the chemical sense of dispersion) of silver microparticles in distilled water using special tools. Colloidal silver is therefore a microparticle that is even smaller than the size of viruses and bacteria. This way it can penetrate and block them. The question arises as to how it is possible that if silver has such a liquidation effect, it will not block the good bacteria that we want in our bodies. Colloidal silver blocks only so-called oxygen-free micro-organisms, i.e. those that do not need oxygen to live, friendly bacteria are exempt. Silver particles penetrate enemy pathogens (viruses, bacteria, molds …) and begin to decompose their enzymes without which they cannot exist. Pathogens are blocked within minutes.

Other advantages of colloidal silver:

  • Antibiotic, anti-viral and antimycotic effects
  • It serves as an anti-inflammatory agent
  • Facilitates wound healing and scarring
  • Cleans and regenerates the skin
  • Reduces enlarged pores
  • Reduces sebum secretion
  • Calms the skin
Czech distributor of medical cannabis Annabis Medical announces acquisition by Canopy Growth Corporation

Czech distributor of medical cannabis Annabis Medical announces acquisition by Canopy Growth Corporation

Annabis Medical s.r.o. (“Annabis Medical”) is proud to announce it has completed an acquisition agreement with Canopy Growth Corporation (TSX:WEED) (“Canopy Growth” or the “Company”). This transaction will bring synergies to the Czech market by combining Canopy Growth’s extensive global experience and renowned Spectrum Cannabis brand with Annabis Medical’s network as well as physician and pharmacist education activities.

Annabis Medical is the leader in the Czech Republic’s medical cannabis industry and currently imports and distributes cannabis products pursuant to federal Czech licenses, with products for sale through pharmacy channels across the Czech Republic. Annabis Medical s.r.o is the sister company of Annabis s.r.o., one of the largest hemp cosmetics producers in the European Union. Its founder and CEO, Dr. Robin Kazík, will continue to lead and grow the Czech subsidiary as part of the larger Canopy Growth family.

“With a strong footprint and established distribution network in the Czech medical cannabis market, as well as a history of importing Canadian cannabis, we are excited to join Canopy Growth. This move will allow us to more rapidly diversify our product offering and strengthen our access to supply as we scale in the market,” said Dr. Robin Kazík, Founder and CEO of Annabis Medical. “This transaction is beneficial for Czech patients as Annabis Medical will expand its medical doctor and pharmacist education activities to further the knowledge transfer in medical Cannabis treatment. Further, Annabis Medical currently holds an import permit issued by the Ministry of Health and we expect a new delivery of medical Cannabis to Czech patients in a short time.’’

The acquisition of Annabis Medical builds on Canopy Growth’s position of leadership in the European medical cannabis space and follows the recent partnership and supply agreement with Spanish pharmaceutical leader Alcaliber S.A. Additionally, Canopy Growth currently supplies the German market through its subsidiary, Spektrum Cannabis GmbH, and has formed a partnership, Spectrum Cannabis Denmark ApS, which is licensed to cultivate cannabis in a 40,000 square meter greenhouse production facility located in Odense, Denmark. These assets, combined with Canopy Growth’s unparalleled Canadian production and sales platforms, represent the world’s largest and most diversified cannabis platform.

“This acquisition is another example of our commitment to expanding Canopy’s European presence and furthering our position of leadership,” said Mark Zekulin, President, Canopy Growth. “We look forward to supplying Czech customers with our high quality, GMP-produced medical cannabis products, and providing further resources to support education for Czech pharmacists, patients and healthcare practitioners.”

Pro budoucí růst! (Here’s to Future Growth.)




Majority of our hemp products have been awarded with the CPK certificate issued by KEZ o.p.s. – the first Czech accredited control and certification organization for natural and organic cosmetics.

Natural CPK certificate

The CPK certification brand was founded in 2007. The main goals of this company are: to facilitate the consumer’s awareness of the natural cosmetics market; health protection; and environmental protection. Any producer can request to be certified, and if the product fulfils the strict criteria, its packaging may bear the CPK logo, a guarantee of the product’s genuine natural character. The certificate, based on the standards set by the French company Ecocert, guarantees that the product doesn’t contain any synthetic compounds and substances harmful to the human body. CPK certification is granted by KEZ – Kontrola ekologického zemědělství o.p.s. in the Czech Republic, an independent inspecting authority which also inspects ecological farming. One of the most important requirements for obtaining this certification is that the product is made exclusively from natural ingredients which were picked in an environmentally-friendly manner. Environmental protection and the least impact on the environment are emphasized.

The product mustn’t contain any synthetic compounds and substances harmful to human health. It’s also forbidden to use genetically modified ingredients, petroleum derivatives, synthetic fragrant substances, chemical preservatives, artificial dyes, chemical UV filters, and animal-based products whose procurement involved the death of an animal (substances such as lanolin, honey, or milk – i.e. those not dependent on an animal’s death – are an exception). Products can’t be tested on animals. Just like most foreign certifications, CPK pays attention not only to the composition of products, but also to the method of their manufacturing and their packaging materials. Respect for the carrying capacity of ecosystems, and recyclability of packaging are desired.

Natural CPK Organic certificate

CPK Organic is a stricter version of the CPK certificate. The basic criteria aren’t much different, but in order to obtain the “bio” version, organic ingredients must constitute at least 20% of the overall composition. The adjective “organic” guarantees not only the CPK certification standards (i.e. the prohibition of synthetic and harmful substances, environmentally-friendly approach, etc.), but also that ingredients produced by ecological farming were used. CPK organic certification is granted by KEZ – Kontrola ekologického zemědělství o.p.s. in the Czech Republic, an independent inspecting authority which also inspects ecological farming.

   “We’re delighted to offer products bearing this certification to our customers”

More information: http://www.kez.cz/prirodni-a-bio-kosmetika

Hemp “Green gold which regenerates and has rejuvenating effects”

Hemp “Green gold which regenerates and has rejuvenating effects”

Hemp has a number of demonstrable positive effects. It alleviates the symptoms of many diseases and it can also help with healthier and more beautiful skin. There‘s no need to be afraid of Hemp cosmetics as they literally works miracles with skin. They help to prevent acne and reduce symptoms of various skin diseases.

Hemp is overwhelmed by many prejudices. For some, it is a drug that tears people away from reality, for others it‘s a medicinal drug that helps them to suppress symptoms of long-term and serious illnesses. Hemp is a plant that has been used for centuries by various cultures. It had its place in antiquity or ancient China, where it was used for healing purposes as well as beauty treatments. According to preserved writings, long ago people used hemp to treat burns, eczema and various other skin disorders.

“Green gold” is a sufficiently compelling name for hemp and its use. Almost the entire plant can be processed and used in various industries. From cosmetics, clothing or even food.

There are dozens of hemp species, with different contents of chemically active substances, the so-called cannabinoids. There are about 100 species and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is among the most notorious and notable, which helps with pain but also increases appetite. The plant’s key ingredient is also CBD (cannabidiol) which, in addition to suppressing anxiety, reduces inflammation and also has antibacterial effects. Hemp also contains vitamin E and a variety of minerals (magnesium, zinc, calcium, etc.) and enzymes.

While the leaves and flowers are used in medicine, the seeds are used in cosmetics. Using a cold pressing method, hemp oil is produced which contains omega-6 and omega-3 acids in an ideal ratio of 3: 1 “It‘s one of the most valuable oils of plant origin. It contains up to 80% of unsaturated fatty acids that our body can‘t produce by itself but these are very important for the proper functioning of the skin.

In cosmetics, hemp oil properties are invaluable, especially in terms of regeneration. Hemp oil improves overall skin quality, hydrates and absorbs well. It‘s also hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types. It doesn‘t block pores and helps to prevent acne. In addition, it‘s suitable as an additional care for skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis or various forms of dermatitis. From our product we can recommend a range of Cremcann skin creams which everyone can choose from.

Hemp oil can also be used as part of hair care. If you have an itchy scalp, your hair is lank, tired and with no shine, get Bodycann Shampoo. Oil nourishes the hair fibre, increases its volume and adds flexibility and shine.