CANNOL 500 ml

Hemp oil in a half litre format is indicated for professional use or frequent massage providing a soothing and relaxing sensation and nourishing the skin

CANNOL is a 100% natural hemp oil with 99,4 % hemp ingredients for beneficial effects applicable to the whole body. Hemp oil contains a high concentration of Omega 3-6 fatty acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, phytosterols, phytate and many important minerals with unique and functional combination.

Its natural essential oils have been carefully chosen to relax applying it by massaging the skin of the area to be used and regenerating the natural protection layer of the skin, providing a cosmetic use against the prevention of dryness, peeling and aging of the skin. Used after the shower, it provides the necessary hydration for the whole body of the most delicate skin or for the sensitive skin with the manifestation of eczema skin and psoriasis. A few drops in your usual cosmetic will enhance the emollient and soothing effect for your skin and provide the natural care you need. If you are looking for a pure natural product for massage, Cannol is the best choice.

Format: 500 ml /upon request or based on availability/

Product Description

Active substances:

  • Hemp oil and hemp seed extract
  • Clementine peel oil
  • Grapefruit peel oil
Cannol is the right oil for the care of your body, hair and skin.

Recommended use: Use this oil for full body massage as needed. For skin care, use just a few drops of oil on a cotton ball clean your face in the evening. For bathing, put few drops of the oil in the water.

Ingredients (INCI): Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Cannabis Sativa Seed Extract, Olea Europaea Fruit Oil, Citriodora Clementina Peel Oil, Citrus Paradisi Peel Oil, Citrus Reticulata Peel Oil.