Concentrated mouthwash with hemp seed extract for daily care of the oral cavity contains 100% natural ingredients

Concentrated mouthwash helps to maintain healthy gums and freshens and scents the breath. If used regularly, the mouthwash refreshes the gums and reduces their excessive sensitivity and potential marks from (for example) the braces and dental prosthetics. Mouthwash is perfect for the daily care of the oral cavity complements regular dental care and contains 60% hemp ingredients.

Oral water Orcann with a unique combination of herbal extracts provides superior care in oral hygiene. Mouthwash freshens up the breath immediately. If used regularly, the mouthwash effectively avoids also any smells from the mouth. Orcann is a product that can be used in both the diluted and full concentration. From large bottle can be prepared up to 3l of mouthwash. Concentrated product can be applied with a damp cotton swab or pad directly on the problematic spot. For the best results it is appropriate not to eat or drink immediately after application.


Format: 30 ml

Product Description

Oral water Orcann with a unique combination of herbal extracts such as:

  • Hemp seed extract
  • Bergamot orange oil
  • Peppermint oil
  • Sage oil
  • Sweet leaf extract
Vegan friendly and in an ecological glass package.

Recommended use: approximately 10 drops into 50 ml of lukewarm water, stir it and rinse the mouth. In the undiluted form use a moistened swab / cotton pad to apply directly on the sore spot.

Ingredients (INCI): Cannabis Sativa Seed Extract, Alcohol Denat., Aqua/Water, Mentha Piperita Oil, Citrus Bergamia Peel Oil Expressed, Salvia Officinalis Oil, Stevia Rebaudiana Extract.

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10 ml., 30 ml.